Set from last night at Big:Red:Bus!

Thanks to the lovely sciencequeen, I have a recording of my set from last night to share with you. Here's the link:

It was a really good gig. I got heaps of love from everybody present. I feel like things are starting to turn around here. Melbourne is a hard scene to get noticed in, but now that doof season has started, I feel like I'm going to have more opportunities really soon.

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I totally had butterflies in my stomache as I queued up Alienapia. Big:Red:Bus is often so tech-y and so prog-y, I really didn't know what to expect when I played goa trance. The result? People were FLYING on the dancefloor. So many smiles all around and people just power-stomping. It was awesome to see. Goa trance played on a loud system is just a wonderful thing.

Speaking of a loud system, this was my first chance to play on a Funktion-One rig, and oh man, I see why people are such fanatics. Funktion-One is a loudspeaker company from the UK that is almost worshipped by promoters and DJs in this country. I had never heard of it before, but I'm totally converted. Especially there is a part in Phibian - Lo-Phi that I've never heard sound so good before. yay.

Anyway, let me know what you think of my set.
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15 Albums Brainstorm

Well, I don't know what the rules are or anything, but here's the first 15 albums (kinda) that I thought of off the top of my head:

In order that I thought of them:
Plastikman - Sheet 1
Ah Plastikman. The thinking man's acid house. This album, in particular the track Plasticine is a big part of why I will always love the Roland TB-303.  Lots of artists made great wobbly and or screamy squelchy awesome sounds with the 303, but Richie Hawtin taught the world that the 303 can SING.
Portishead - Dummy
I remember the first time I heard Portishead was at CKDU back in the spring of 1995.  Somebody put the record on in the vinyl library possibly James Hamilton or Kate or maybe it was John MacMaster, they queued up Strangers and they were like check out this track it's got a british ringing sound from a phone in it!  well, actually it's not, as it turned out.  But boy did this album ever turn my idea about music upside down.  This and their second album still really stand out.  Lots of trip hop was made, but nothing else sounds quite like Portishead.
Hypnoxock - Synthetic Resurrection
Now this album came out just last year, but it is just so solid, I listened it to death, and I'm sure that in 10 years time it will still stand up as a perfect example of new goa trance.  Hm.. I actually thought of this before any of the classic goa on the list.  Don't worry, the "real" goa is coming up sooooon.
Depeche Mode - Violator
Now this album I first got because Violator BBS was named after it.  Violator turned into VioComm and well, at least some people on my friends list will never forget that little place.  Anyway, after a few hundred listens, it's very firmly in my psyche now.
Astral Projection - Trust in Trance 2
Astral Projection.  First sent to me on audio cassette tape by a guy I met on IRC back in 1994.  This was my first taste of goa trance and I listened to those tapes HUNDREDS of times.  Some of the best music ever made.  This was a toss up between T.i.T. or 3, but I have more sentimental attachment to 2 so...
Alienapia - Goapocalipsis
Thinking of Astral Projection naturally made me think of Alienapia, a new act that came out with this album last year.  Goapocalipsis is probably the best new goa trance that has been made in the past 10, maybe even 14 years.  It's really that good.  I would put it in with any of the old classics like Twisted, Alien Protein, or whatever.  You know that terrible phrase that disney likes to use for their movies "instant classic?"  Well... this album really is.
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
I know, I know.  Everybody likes Dark Side of the Moon better, or The Wall.  But I mean Welcome to the Machine!  Squelchy awesome synthness!  I'm pretty sure I heard that Moog on the radio when I was very very young and knew that it was important, knew that those synthy sounds were going to shape my life. 
Etnica - Alien Protein
Here's another goa classic.  John Macmaster pointed this one out to me.  He queued up Trip Tonite at CKDU back in 96, and said check this one out, the way the intro builds is pretty neat.  Yes, yes it is.
DJ Stargirl - Don't Look Back
I guess this one isn't "technically" an album.  It's actually a mixed set of the most beautiful epic trance that you can get from her site.  She spun this particular set one morning at an outdoor psytrance party last year.  After a night of crazy crazy full throttle stompness, to have the sun dawn on a beautiful day in the mountains of BC, and greet the morning with such uplifting beautiful music... is a wonderful wonderful thing.  I went to the DJ booth and thanked her, and she gave me a copy of the CD, and I've been listening to it regularly ever since.
Excision - Shambhala 2009
When saf sent me this last fall, he just said, hey somebody said this is good dubstep, what do you think?  Well, I'm not a dubstep guy, but OMFG Excision totally sells the entire genre to me in principle.  I'm listening to the 2010 mix now and OMFG it's so... OMFG. This guy is the alpha and the omega of dubstep.  Seriously.  
Tryambaka - The Colour Of Time
I guess I don't have too much to write about Tryambaka.  He's my favourite psytrance artist- I love how he makes his stuff sound spooky.  Spooky = Awesome. 
Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
Here's another example of where I like an artist's least popular album.  A really close friend of mine moved to London Ontario in grade nine and turned into a punk.  When I went to visit him the next year he and all his punk friends turned me on to NOFX, The Dead Milkmen, and Dead Kennedys, in particular this album.  Well 15 years later I don't listen to NOFX or The Dead Milkmen at ALL, but I still hate Green Day and love this album.
Electric Six - Fire
This is an album that I only just recently discovered.  I had heard Gay Bar on some video or another on youtube and thought it was hilarious, but then Danger High Voltage was the punchline to some web comic I read about a year and a half ago.  So I looked it up, found out it was on the same album as Gay Bar so I decided to check out the whole thing.  Boy was I ever glad that I did!  This is how rock and roll AUGHT to be, I figure!  Fast, funny, irreverent, fun... I love it.
Virgin Records - Macro Dub Infection vol. 1
This is a compilation, I guess, but this was the first real bass music I ever owned.  Again, a CKDU discovery.  I still like to put this on when I have a chance to really blast the bass.
Aloof Proof - Piano Text
I got to the end of my 15 and thought "now wait a second here!  There's no ambient on the list!"  Well, that made my last album an easy pick.  Aloof Proof - Piano Text is the sound of falling asleep, of mysterious journeys in the hypnagogic state.  This album on repeat is the perfect music for drifting all night.  It's just time stretched and spacially interesting piano.  But it's... so wonderful.  I love the work of Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Alio Die, Brennan Lane, and many others, but if I have to pick just one ambient album, it is definitely this one.
Runners up were:
Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold as Love
Miles Davis - On The Corner
Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible


OMFG I got my music back! SO MUCH!

OK, I've been hauling this HD all over everywhere- it sat in a cupboard while I was in Vancouver, and I hauled it to Australia... I guess I'll have a look and see what is on it.

... HOLY MOTHER OF DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!! My mp3 collection! My real collection! It's... here! It's all freaking here!!!! It's 20 gigabytes, and it is so so SOOOOOOO awesome. I'm happy like crazy right now. Here's a snapshot of what I've been going through tonight.  This is the list of what I listened to in winamp as I was going through my treasure trove:

greenskeepers - gan slam (3:18)

OMG it's Swing House! Remember back in 2002 when it was SO awesome? I actually collected quite a bit of it. This was one of my favourites. Now there is a swing house track in heavy rotation on commercial radio in Melbourne and it's hilarious because it's like 8 years later. I guess that's how it goes, isn't it?

Laibach - Tanz mit Laibach (4:19)

Industrial? I have an industrial directory??? Oh right, it's just this and some aphex twin remix of NIN. Cool....

Jay Hamilton - Nevado Huascaran (raHr reconstruction v1.1) (2:58)
eyeswideopen (0:29)

Cancon directory! Oh god, nightmare flashbacks of having to come up with enough can con to play each week. :PPPPPPP

Carmina Burina - O Fortuna (2:36)
orchestral - super mario brothers (3:54)
Apocalyptica - Wherever I May Roam (6:07)

Orchestral directory! wooooo!!!!

LEONARD COHEN - Poem (1:09)
Leonard Cohen - Poem (0:23)
LEONARD COHEN - Second poem (0:44)

Spoken Word directory! omgggggggg

The Wipeouters - Bikini Beach (3:20)
Minna Daisuki Katamari - Meadowtronic (4:25)
Nurse With Wound - Duelling Banjos (11:59)
Bob L. Sturm - 50 Particles in a 3-D Harmonic (10:00)
chris watson - Adult cheetah resting by beobab tree (1:51)

YES! Musical diversity! Weird sounds! The last one is exactly what it sounds like- a VERY good recording of an actual cheetah, taken in the field in africa. For real.

Novy vs. Eniac - Pumpin' (3:25)
klf - klf is gonna rock you (3:35)
The Timelords - What Time Is Love (7:08)
green velvet - Jungle Beats (9:04)

Classic rave! I have SO MUCH!

technical itch - destroy (6:47)
Dead Dread - Dred Bass (Pa Mix) (5:52)
Dillinja - Ultrasonic Sonicsound RMX (7:02)
technical itch - the rukus (d.kay vip) (6:25)

JUNGLE!!!!!!!!!! I honestly have WAY more jungle than I even remembered. Heaps and heaps of it.

Brutal Truth - I Killed My Family (2:42)

My heavy metal! I found my metal again!

DK - Murder was the bass (Reworked) (4:14)
Dynamic Structure - Distructor (5:14)
Marco Carola - Acid Tension (3:59)
Emmanuel Top - Asteroid (16:03)

Techno music!!!

Miranda - Magnetic levitaion (7:57)

so much goa!

Robin Christopher - Classic Gas [Original] (6:05)

My epic trance! From back when I enjoyed it un-ironically!

Human Movement - Traveller's Theme (9:54)
Paul Oakenfold - Atlantis (8:10)
Sonic Fusion - Emotions (6:45)
L.S.G. - Saviour (8:07)
L.S.G. - The Hive (7:07)

I found these in a directory called "progressive trance". I don't think they sound very progressive now. ;)

The Laziest Men on Mars - Invasion of the Gabber Robots (3:58)

(Aka the "all your base are belong to us song" muahahaha)

Digitalis - Waving Not Drowning (6:03)
Jaia - After The Rain (9:32)
Etnica - Trip Tonite (Playa Remix) (7:43)
Robert Rich - Open Window (8:00)
A Produce - The Golden Needle (7:09)

Psychill and ambient. About 10 days worth of ambient.

Scorn - Twitcher (5:31)
Juno Reactor - Solaris (8:58)
Lee Perry & Mad Professor - Mystic Warrior Dub (3:40)


John B - American Girls (Electric Boobi (6:16)

Whoa, I have some electro from before electro turned into it's current Speed Garage state.

Clannad - The Fairy Queen (2:41)
Clannad - Coinleach Glas An Fhomhair (5:58)
Clannad - Theme from Harry's Game (2:31)
R.E.M. - Stand (3:12)
The Indigo Girls - Closer To Fine (4:01)
The Northern Pikes - Teenland (4:01)
Pat McGee Band - dont drink didjeridoo - live (9:45)
The Student-CF-NorwegianWood (2:36)

Pop music! Folk Music! What???

kompressor-120mph (2:44)
Cosby, Bill - Niagara Falls (5:01)

Comedy directory! Including 41 full episodes of The Frantics, an old sketch comedy show that used to play on CBC in the 80s. The origin of Mr. Canoehead, Canada's greatest hero. I tried to collect as many episodes as I could back then. I think it would be very very difficult to get these nowadays.

champ (0:04)
Ballin Jack - Found A Child (2:51)

Hah! My old directory of classic breakbeats!

Jurassic 5 - Swing Set (5:15)

I've got a fair amount of hiphop on here now too! Dr. Octagon, Jesse D, Latyrx, NWA, Gravediggas... :D

Liquid Bass - Acid Raiser (5:52)
Acrid Abeyance - Crying Bassline (6:00)

OMG I have SO much Acid!

I haven't even gotten into my Jazz collection, my triphop collection or my gabber collection...

So.... anybody need a DJ? Having my proper music collection definitely makes me feel more DJ.

Song on Triple J

OK at work we listen to Triple J, which is an Australian Broadcast Corporation music station. It's kind of like CBC3, only it's broadcast in FM throughout Australia. They play pretty good music, on the balance. One song that they keep playing that kind of irks me is this one, by an Australian band called "The Boat People"

Listen to the first riff, and tell me if it reminds you of anything. (Hint: it is a TOTAL rip off of my former favourite band's big hit)

Collapse )

Once or twice a day they drop this gem:

My opinion? AWESOME!

They are also playing the heck out of this one:

OK, so that last one is UK, so not a good example, but in general I've been getting a sense that the music scene here is AMAZING.

Oh and in case you missed it on reddit or whatever this is pretty neat. It's the portal end credits song slowed down 800%. It makes it into this great ethereal dream-ambient thing. :D

In other news, I have a new job at a happening joint in Melbourne CBD called Slate, and it is awesome.

Lentil and Peanut Stir Fry recipe!

Recipe time!

375g dry green lentils (or whatever- that was the size of the package I happened to buy)
5 large brown onions
1 knorr vegetable stock cube
1 bunch chinese brocolli
some peanut butter (0.5 cups?)
some soya sauce
some olive oil
some sesame oil

This would probably also be good to have like a tablespoon or so of fresh thyme leaves and a slosh (1-2 tablespoons) of brandy, if you've got those around.

First thing, put the lentils into a pot with the stock cube and cover with water. Boil this, adding salt to season to taste. Stir every once and a while. If the juice is gone and the lentils aren't cooked, add some more water. Just sort of have this going while you peel the onions. When the lentils are cooked, if the water isn't quite gone, just keep boiling for a bit- slightly overcooked lentils never hurt anyone. Cook until the water is gone.

While the lentils are boiling, peel and slice the onions. Put them in a big wok with some olive oil. Cook them on high heat, pretty much stirring constantly for like 15 minutes. If you've got thyme, put it in with the onions for this. When the onions are a dark chestnut brown, hit it with the splash of brandy if you've got some.

Now put the lentils into the wok. Turn your heat down to medium or so. Stir-fry all that for a bit. Hit that with some soya sauce and sesame oil! Chop up the chinese brocolli and put that in there! In the meantime, put the peanut butter in a bowl with a few splashes of water and stir it up to make it more runnier. Now put the peanut butter in the wok too.

Cook it on medium-low heat for a few minutes. Eat it!

Congrats, now you've got enough food for like 8 people for less than $10 in under an hour! This will be great leftovers too!
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Returning to Canada- a goal

OK, so I've just come up with a life goal, tell me what you think:

I want to get a nice place in Vancouver. Then go to Halifax and rent a big moving truck. Then Jessica and I can put all our real stuff into the truck and drive to Vancouver with our stuff. Our nice bed. My kitchen stuff. My record collection (finally!).

How much do you think that will cost?

I think it is a great idea.

i am so cold

OK you know in Halifax when it is like -25° (or like -8° in Vancouver) and it just feels like you're cold all the time, just miserable and it's cold indoors even and you just can't get warm and it's horrible?

That's what it is like when it is 6° in Melbourne. I think because the houses aren't insulated at all here. I'd love for it to get warm here or something. This is balls.

Today in Melbourne

Today in Melbourne, I tried Kangaroo meat for the first time. It was absolutely delicious- tender, succulent and awesome.

I also started re-playing The Dig with Jessica. Remember The Dig, by Lucasarts from back in the 90s? Quite a fun game, with a great soundtrack. ScummVM is the best!

Yesterday was a good, good day.

OH HI! Remember me, LJ? I moved to Melbourne Australia without telling you. That was last Tuesday. Sorry.

On Saturday we looked at a place that was .. well not ideal, but we need a place right away so we said we'd take it. The suburbs here are nicer than the suburbs of Vancouver or Halifax. Footscray is a bit run down, kind of dodgy, and the train to downtown takes 30 minutes. So, imagine a 30 minute SkyTrain ride and we're talking Burnaby or Surrey. But this area isn't so bad- little Vietnam is here, there's lots of little shops, it's OK. Not ideal, just OK. So we agree, and are set to move in on Monday.

Previously, we heard about this bookstore on Lygon street, which is sort of like little Italy. Apparently, or so we heard, hippies and bohemians and artists and DJs who are looking for roommates post their info on a bulletin board there. Oh I forgot to mention, our place in Footscray? Four bedrooms, we agreed without even meeting our future housemates. Sketchyyyy... :P

So anyway, we figure, why not at least LOOK at this bulletin board. So we head to Lygon street and find the store and start calling some of the numbers. "No sorry the room has been taken" "No couples, sorry" "The room is only available for 2 months, sorry." and so on. Looking pretty grim. Well, why don't we call this last one and then call it a day.

We phoned Kate. She sounds pretty groggy, I guess they went out partying last night. She's cheerful and nice sounding though. "Well, do you want to come and look at the place on Monday night?" ... uhhh no, is there any way we can see it today? "Um.. everybody is sleeping here... maybe in a few hours?" OK!

So we go and have some beautiful woodfired pizza on Lygon street. Awesome. A few hours later our cell rings. Jeska and I head over, getting.. a LITTLE lost.. but hey we're new in town. On the way we discover- THE MELBOURNE MUSEUM. OMG. So we takes some pictures outside and continue. (OH yes, Jessica convinced a cute cute purple butterfly to crawl onto her finger. SO CUTE!)

On the way walking to this house, we become more and excited, just absolutely falling in love with this neighborhood. We are moving to a place called Collingwood, which is right on the border of Fitzroy. Fitzroy is very similar to commercial drive in Vancouver, only the buildings are 50+ years older, and it became "hip" much more recently. The vibrancy and funkiness is just awesome. For a while we were walking behind a really really cute lesbian couple out walking their Basset Hound. CUTE! There are just tons of great little shops and cafes. Lots of restaurants that I might like to work at as well. XD

So finally we arrive. Bob Marley on the stereo. Incense. Our roommates have dreadlocks. Alex is a techno DJ from France. They have artistic photos up on the wall. Oh those are by Kat, our other roommate. She's a photography student. Kate is a barista at a cafe close by, but she used to cook for a living. She's from New Zealand. We chill out on their sofa in the backyard, which is draped with a batik that is almost the same as one that I got at the tam tam in Montreal several years ago. We met them 5 minutes before, but it feel like we are old friends. "Oh you guys are thinking about going to Somatica festival next weekend. Maybe we can go together. Oh we probably have some extra camping gear you can use."

O. M. G.

The very last minute, we find the perfect place to live. The. Perfect. Place.

"Oh what are you guys up to now? You should come to Ceres, heaps of people that go to doofs all turn up there." Sure, why not.

Ceres is, I think, sort of the equivalent of the tam tam in Montreal or Wreck Beach in Vancouver. Its where all our hippie friends go to chill out after a weekend of partying. It takes place in this environmental sustainability park (where Jessica wants to get a job) and features dub, dubstep, progressive psytrance, and techno. Oh, and our new friends that we haven't met yet.

It was EPIC. Just.. the most amazing thing. We are going to be SO HAPPY here. This is such an amazing town. I wish I had words to describe the feeling at Ceres. It reminded me of Om 1999. This enormous relief. This feeling of arriving home. This .. peace.

Yesterday, was a very, very good day indeed.
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Brain melt down. Somebody has gone and hidden not just ONE, but at least TWO DIFFERENT snowmen on my computer.

I give you:

So it's a UTF thing. Which is a whole can of crazy. I was searching for 8, trying to figure out how it was different from 8, (8 - 8 huh?) and discovered a kind of terrifying world of symbols waiting for me. Symbols like Astrological and Meteorological and Logical symbols. Japanese Kanji. Tibetan letters. Weird things. And then I found him. The secret snowman hidden on my computer. I IM'd my findings to Saf, and discovered that it was worse than I even realized...

My IM and my browser display DIFFERENT snowmen. What?

Here's Google chrome, as displayed on and how the snowman appears in dialog boxes:

And here it is as it appears on my LJ page, in my IM window, and even in the Title Bar of the browser window when the page title has a snowman in it:

Who PUT that snowman there? Who decides these things? Now a snowman, what's next? A starfleet symbol, or the rebel alliance? I know! UTF should have a shpongle mask!

So! What does the snowman look like on your computer? How many snowmen can you find hiding in your fonts? Will bullwinkle be able to escape from boris and natasha's evil plan? Find out next week uh I mean, post your results in the comments!

Ooh! I wonder which snowman(men) will turn up the RSS feed and the version that is syndicated to my facebook!

Crazy stuff....

EDIT: OMGWTFBBQZOMG!!!!! It is different on my friends page than if you go to the entry page itself. Try it and see if it is like that for you: vs.


Second edit:
OK! I found a font analyser to look for more snowmen! I have 444 fonts installed so it isn't easy to just look through them all, but makes it easy. In 444 fonts I found in 33 fonts, only appears in Arial Unicode MS; and a brand new one with a fancy scarf appears in 5 fonts. Here's all three of them together:

Final edit, really: has a bunch more different snowmen.