djsunkid (djsunkid) wrote,

Cedar Ceiling set

I am pretty happy with my set from last night at Cedar Ceiling.

Tracklisting with notes:
Astral Projection - Power Gen from: Trust In Trance 2 1994
I've been listening to a lot of old school goa lately, so I wanted to lead with one of the all time classics.
Hypnoxock - Free Fall from: Synthetic Resurrection 2009
The mix from Power Gen to Free Fall is AWESOME. Truly meant to be.
Bliss - Our World from: Intensity 2008
Hypnoxock - Futurexock from: Synthetic Resurrection 2009
Psywalker - Chemical Trance from: Inverted Vertigo 2008
Soundless - Crumble from: Psionic Force 2009
Starting to get a little harder, a little darker here...
Ocelot - Turn It Up (Crazy Ducks Rmx) from: Psylight The Night 2009
Phibian - Low-Phi from: Abra Macabre 2009
This mix was very carefully planned and executed. I only play about 45 seconds of the crazy ducks remix, but I think that it melted people's brains quite effectively. That Phibian track is really really good. There is a whhhh-BOOM sound in the first breakdown that is a speakerkiller. I love it.
Space Tribe & Electric Universe - Midsummer Night's Dream from: Electric Space Phenomenon 2006
Ah, Space Tribe. I'm so glad that he played here, if for no other reason that it prompted me to get a bunch more music by him. SO GOOD!
Artax - Castle of the 8 blissed bits from: 8 Bits Of Bliss 2008
I was actually pretty dissapointed by this one. The melody and sounds are neat and I really like this whole album, but the production really doesn't have any punch to it. Oh well, it still gave a good dose of old school game-y sound effects. :)
Earworm - Ultra One Frequency from: Psionic Force 2009
I really like Digital Psionics. They are an Australian based psy label has been releasing a lot of really great music for the past few years. I like how they call all their compilations Psionic something-or-other. That makes it easy to tell which ones to get. If Irken Invasion goes well, I want to have more Irken something-or-other parties. It is a good and easy way to build brand awareness. Not that Irken Kitties is a "brand", but you know what I mean.
Akros - Evil Space Monkey from: Planetary Service 2009
Seriously, I played this track because it is called Evil Space Monkey. I just had to.
Green Nuns of the Revolution - Conflict from: TIP Orange Compilation 1995
YAY! More goa classics! I only really played about a third of this track to show off the killer scream-y acid line in it.
Space Tribe & Electric Universe - Deep Purple Haze from: Electric Space Phenomenon 2006
I love Space Tribe. "Man, when I first saw Jimi burn that guitar, it really tripped me out...." hehehehehehe
Hypnoxock - Magical Life from: Synthetic Resurrection 2009
I also have many love for Hypnoxock as well, as you might be able to tell since I played like a quarter of my set is from Synthetic Resurrection. Much thanks to Papa Kuma for telling me about them at Organix!
Procs - The Little Beatles from: The Lonely Land Of Tada 2008
And thank you to Spaceman Spliff for introducing me to Procs. He melted my brain with this track at Karma, and last night it was my turn. People just went NUTS. I love it.

That was the end of my planned set, but nobody else seemed to want to go on right away, so I played a few extras:
Deeper In Zen - Razzer from: Hypnotwist 2009
K90 - Species from: Species EP 1998
Heh, I played this acid trance track from back in the day at Organix for my most recent set and it went over as well there as it did last night.
Psy Sex - Puzzle (Bliss Remix) from: As Hard As It Gets 2009

Or, you can download the set for your listening pleasure from
Here is a direct link:
sunkid - set for Cedar Ceiling

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