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Set from last night at Big:Red:Bus!

Thanks to the lovely sciencequeen, I have a recording of my set from last night to share with you. Here's the link:

It was a really good gig. I got heaps of love from everybody present. I feel like things are starting to turn around here. Melbourne is a hard scene to get noticed in, but now that doof season has started, I feel like I'm going to have more opportunities really soon.

Here's the track listing from last night:
01: Gappeq - Theory Of Everything (00:00 - 6:45)
02: Kindzaza and Kaliflower - Viva Tempo (6:45- 11:21)
03: Shanti vs. Space Cat - Toki Doki (11:21 - 16:01)
04: Phibian - Lo-Phi (16:01 - 23:17)
05: EvsY - Ugro Shamanistic Movez (23:17 - 26:44)
06: K90 - Species (26:44 - 30:40)
07: Deeper In Zen - Razzer (30:40 - 33:40)
08: Krunch - Syncopath (XSI Remix) (33:40 - 38:46)
09: Alienapia - Magic Magnification (38:46 - 45:13)
10: Principles Of Flight - Sphere (45:13 - 51:13)
11: Terrafractyl vs Quench - Winter (51:13 - 58:09)
12: Painkiller vs Lost and Found - Digitalized (58:09 - 64:26)
13: Sick Addiction - Mug Shots (64:26 - 69:47)
14: Twisted System - Necessary Evil (69:47 - 76:30)
15: Sunburn - Sex With God (Raz Remix) (76:30 - 80:46)
16: Sulima - Synchronica (80:46 - 86:38)
17: Space Cat vs Sesto sento - Getting High Power (Cosmic Tone Remix) (86:38 - 92:41)
18: Mindsphere - To Infinity (92:41 - 102:30)

I totally had butterflies in my stomache as I queued up Alienapia. Big:Red:Bus is often so tech-y and so prog-y, I really didn't know what to expect when I played goa trance. The result? People were FLYING on the dancefloor. So many smiles all around and people just power-stomping. It was awesome to see. Goa trance played on a loud system is just a wonderful thing.

Speaking of a loud system, this was my first chance to play on a Funktion-One rig, and oh man, I see why people are such fanatics. Funktion-One is a loudspeaker company from the UK that is almost worshipped by promoters and DJs in this country. I had never heard of it before, but I'm totally converted. Especially there is a part in Phibian - Lo-Phi that I've never heard sound so good before. yay.

Anyway, let me know what you think of my set.

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