March 29th, 2010


Yesterday was a good, good day.

OH HI! Remember me, LJ? I moved to Melbourne Australia without telling you. That was last Tuesday. Sorry.

On Saturday we looked at a place that was .. well not ideal, but we need a place right away so we said we'd take it. The suburbs here are nicer than the suburbs of Vancouver or Halifax. Footscray is a bit run down, kind of dodgy, and the train to downtown takes 30 minutes. So, imagine a 30 minute SkyTrain ride and we're talking Burnaby or Surrey. But this area isn't so bad- little Vietnam is here, there's lots of little shops, it's OK. Not ideal, just OK. So we agree, and are set to move in on Monday.

Previously, we heard about this bookstore on Lygon street, which is sort of like little Italy. Apparently, or so we heard, hippies and bohemians and artists and DJs who are looking for roommates post their info on a bulletin board there. Oh I forgot to mention, our place in Footscray? Four bedrooms, we agreed without even meeting our future housemates. Sketchyyyy... :P

So anyway, we figure, why not at least LOOK at this bulletin board. So we head to Lygon street and find the store and start calling some of the numbers. "No sorry the room has been taken" "No couples, sorry" "The room is only available for 2 months, sorry." and so on. Looking pretty grim. Well, why don't we call this last one and then call it a day.

We phoned Kate. She sounds pretty groggy, I guess they went out partying last night. She's cheerful and nice sounding though. "Well, do you want to come and look at the place on Monday night?" ... uhhh no, is there any way we can see it today? "Um.. everybody is sleeping here... maybe in a few hours?" OK!

So we go and have some beautiful woodfired pizza on Lygon street. Awesome. A few hours later our cell rings. Jeska and I head over, getting.. a LITTLE lost.. but hey we're new in town. On the way we discover- THE MELBOURNE MUSEUM. OMG. So we takes some pictures outside and continue. (OH yes, Jessica convinced a cute cute purple butterfly to crawl onto her finger. SO CUTE!)

On the way walking to this house, we become more and excited, just absolutely falling in love with this neighborhood. We are moving to a place called Collingwood, which is right on the border of Fitzroy. Fitzroy is very similar to commercial drive in Vancouver, only the buildings are 50+ years older, and it became "hip" much more recently. The vibrancy and funkiness is just awesome. For a while we were walking behind a really really cute lesbian couple out walking their Basset Hound. CUTE! There are just tons of great little shops and cafes. Lots of restaurants that I might like to work at as well. XD

So finally we arrive. Bob Marley on the stereo. Incense. Our roommates have dreadlocks. Alex is a techno DJ from France. They have artistic photos up on the wall. Oh those are by Kat, our other roommate. She's a photography student. Kate is a barista at a cafe close by, but she used to cook for a living. She's from New Zealand. We chill out on their sofa in the backyard, which is draped with a batik that is almost the same as one that I got at the tam tam in Montreal several years ago. We met them 5 minutes before, but it feel like we are old friends. "Oh you guys are thinking about going to Somatica festival next weekend. Maybe we can go together. Oh we probably have some extra camping gear you can use."

O. M. G.

The very last minute, we find the perfect place to live. The. Perfect. Place.

"Oh what are you guys up to now? You should come to Ceres, heaps of people that go to doofs all turn up there." Sure, why not.

Ceres is, I think, sort of the equivalent of the tam tam in Montreal or Wreck Beach in Vancouver. Its where all our hippie friends go to chill out after a weekend of partying. It takes place in this environmental sustainability park (where Jessica wants to get a job) and features dub, dubstep, progressive psytrance, and techno. Oh, and our new friends that we haven't met yet.

It was EPIC. Just.. the most amazing thing. We are going to be SO HAPPY here. This is such an amazing town. I wish I had words to describe the feeling at Ceres. It reminded me of Om 1999. This enormous relief. This feeling of arriving home. This .. peace.

Yesterday, was a very, very good day indeed.
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