August 21st, 2010


Song on Triple J

OK at work we listen to Triple J, which is an Australian Broadcast Corporation music station. It's kind of like CBC3, only it's broadcast in FM throughout Australia. They play pretty good music, on the balance. One song that they keep playing that kind of irks me is this one, by an Australian band called "The Boat People"

Listen to the first riff, and tell me if it reminds you of anything. (Hint: it is a TOTAL rip off of my former favourite band's big hit)

Collapse )

Once or twice a day they drop this gem:

My opinion? AWESOME!

They are also playing the heck out of this one:

OK, so that last one is UK, so not a good example, but in general I've been getting a sense that the music scene here is AMAZING.

Oh and in case you missed it on reddit or whatever this is pretty neat. It's the portal end credits song slowed down 800%. It makes it into this great ethereal dream-ambient thing. :D

In other news, I have a new job at a happening joint in Melbourne CBD called Slate, and it is awesome.