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Kitchen Shoes

As a professional kitchen monkey, my gear is important to me. We spend a LONG time on our feet, and have to contend with tile slick with oil, water, and all manner of unspeakable spills and grossness. Many cooks swear by their Birkenstock Clogs, but I really can't see the appeal. They just LOOK uncomfortable to me. How can you spend so much time in shoes that constantly feel like they are going to fall/be kicked off?

In the past, I've tried Shoes For Crews non slip kitchen shoes. Specifically, I have owned two pairs of Shoes for Crews TWX shoes. They are comfortable enough, but they get absolutely destroyed in a kitchen environment. I got about 3-6 months on each pair.

I've also destroyed a pair of Doc Marten's in the kitchen. You know how the sole says "oil repellent" or whatever? All lies. After a month, the rubber of the sole just cracks and disintegrates.

So what is the answer? Well... back in probably 2002, my father offered to buy me a new pair of kitchen shoes. We went to Oh My Sole in Halifax, and I tried on a bunch of different shoes until I stumbled upon these:

Ecco Track II - The best damn kitchen shoe in the world.

Now here's the part where I turn into advertising copy for Ecco. These shoes are so good, so comfortable, the grip is good, hand stitched in Denmark, blah blah blah. But it's true! For 6 years, these shoes have just been killing it! They are totally the best pair of shoes I've ever owned.

I've known for at least a year that I needed to replace the shoes. I've been nervous for ages that Ecco would discontinue the style. Last week, I saw that Ecco is having a sale at their stores in Vancouver. I went in and HUZZAH they have my favourite shoes available. What's better, they are all leather now- replacing the tops which were nubuck on my old ones. That will help them last even longer.

Yesterday, I (finally) received my tax refund. It's like all the pieces fit together. So today, I went downtown and bought their last pair of Track II's in my size.

I will try to get a good picture of the new ones next to my 6 year old ones today. Heh.
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