djsunkid (djsunkid) wrote,

Tomorrow night's set plans

Wow, I actually just put in a solid 12 hours working on this mix for tomorrow night. I had a very large backlog of music to sort through, including quite a bit of Dark Psytrance. Here's my plan for tomorrow:

1. Beyond - Cave Rave (7:50)
2. Menog Vs Bliss Vs Cpu - Concept Of Time (8:39)
3. Xerox & Illumination vs Chakra - 7 Days (Tokyo Live Mix) (6:36)
4. Pentti Slayers Kalsium - Notkea Rottas Kapungin Vaundissa (Rmx) (5:55)
5. Vibe Tribe - Spun (Dj Ziki Remix) (6:08)
6. Pitch Hikers - Counter Culture (7:23)
7. Hydraglyph - Condition Black (6:14)
8. Sick Addiction - Today's Madness (10:32)
9. Tromo - Nightmare (7:35)
10. Red i Jedeye - Mind Expansions (7:26)
11. A-Mush - Hidraulic System (7:18)
12. Wicked Wires Vs Brain Hunters - Mr. Mars (7:16)
13. Strangers - Moruka (6:44)
14. Ultravoice - Darkside (8:10)
15. Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (Ultratec Remix) (6:54)
16. Manifold - What Time is Love (6:06)
17. Eskimo - Residents (8:47)
18. Joti Sidhu - Party Animals (6:54)
19. RooM101 - Cartoonage (7:40)
20. Fractal Noise - Goa (7:39)
21. Mexican Trance Mafia Vs Audiophatik - Sell Your Soul (8:39)

Played back to back this is over 2 and a half hours, but my mixing style comes from a more techno aesthetic. I'm very curious to see what the crowd thinks of Pentti Slayers Kalsium. That track should be the new national anthem of finland- it features chanting in suomi, and is outrageous.

Other highlights include Today's Madness, which can best be described as Gothic Psytrance, and my 4 minute long mashup of limp bizkit and ultravoice.

Gonna be sweet folks. I'll see you tomorrow night!
Tags: psytrance

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