Any poetry nerds know the answer to this one?

OK, so I was explaining how I love Coconut Curry for how simple it is to prepare. All you have to do basically is cut up some veggies, throw them in a wok with the green curry paste, then add a can of coconut milk and boil. But what I said was:
"Put veg in pot open, can and boil"

Which has the same cadence (meter?) as a phrase from Jessica's childhood:
"Paste on cardboard, colour and cut out"

They are fun to say! The repetition of stresses Da Du Da Du, with the little gallop in the middle of "colour" or "open". Try it.

Anyway, is there a name for this kind of poetry meter? Can you think of other examples of simple recipes that fit the same form? I tried and thought of:
"Crack egg in bowl, add oil and stir" for mayonnaise but it doesn't have the gallop... maybe:
"Crack egg in bowl, add flavour and oil" but it doesn't have the verb ending that makes it so satisfying.

What else?

edit: Risotto!
"Fry rice in pot, slowly add hot stock"

party party party party party


I am SO excited. In just 16 days, I am going to be throwing my first ever event outside of the city that I grew up in. I've been working on it about 15 hours a day for the past few days. Now we have a flyer and a venue. Behold the majesty of my flyer design:

Tomorrow I am going to go to the sound place that Chris suggested to ask about sound rental, and if they have LASERS. I want lasers SO HARD!

This is going to be epic. I just know it!

Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal... internet, blog... wha?

So, as I mentioned on my facebook status last week I have now conquered "hot" at the noodle box on 4th ave. It was really, really spicy. How hot was it? Well, just as an experiment, today I decided to have a spoon full of sambal olek. It was pretty spicy. Not as spicy as "hot" at the noodle box. My coworkers think I'm crazy. I think they might be right.

Now on to "xtra-hot". Muahahahaahahaa...!

Oh yeah, LJ!

Hah! Oh yeah, I'm supposed to write here, or whatever.

Well... I am in the middle of working and spinning quite a bit. You should come to Organix on August 7th. Safiire and I are both playing, so definitely expect a lot of spooky awesomeness. I'm also playing this weekend at Godizus, but I don't know when exactly. I'm hoping that the organizer will get back to me soon about that.

My real job is going well too. It is like a busy saturday night 7 nights a week now. Fun, but exhausting.

I am LOVING the heat wave. 35+ degrees all week. Awesome.

Surprise Birthday!

Surprise! I got the night off work, so Jeska and I are going to Fuel. Tasting menu! Woo! It will be neat for me to see how another chef chooses his progression. I've created far more tasting menus than I have ever tried. Actually, the only other tasting menu I can think of that I've been to was at Tojo's last summer. I'm pretty excited.

Oh, and since nobody else seems to have mentioned it on my flist yet:
Michael Jackson? Well, I guess I would have cared a lot more about this like 20 years ago.